Following Jesus Together

We are a community of people who love breakfast. More than breakfast, we love Jesus! We meet every Sunday @ 2 Monk St. Breakfast is served at 9 am & service starting at 10 am

Sundays 9am @ 2 Monk St.

Join us Sundays at 9am for breakfast (waffles!) followed by music and teaching in a casual, interactive atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. We meet on Sundays in the Glebe of Ottawa @ 2 Monk St. For more information text/call 613-371-7071 or email
We also have a full-time office at 2 monk St.


Join us for LifeLab. Life can be messy with conflict in relationships, fears, failures and even addictions. Sometimes we find that we have swept a lot of dirt under the rug for a very long time and now it has become unmanageable. We know that we can no longer ignore it. LifeLab is an experiential journey to help us admit that we have made this mess and we must give God the space to help us clean it up. Join today. Class begin in September and again in February.
For more info call Jon Ruby @ 613-3717071 or email


Your financial support would be greatly appreciated as we help bring hope to the hopeless and lead captives into freedom. Join us today!!!

Bible Study

Join us Wednesdays as we teach the bible chapter by chapter.
Bring a friend and a bible!!
Time : 730pm to 8:30 pm
Location : 2 Monk St. in the Sanctuary

Please join us in giving HOPE to the hopeless