LifeLabs run from September to January and from February to June.

For more info contact info@unioncitychurch.com


Union City Church has developed LifeLab, a revolutionary spiritual fitness program that brings a person into a deeper relationship with Jesus. LifeLab will bring students from hopelessness and brokenness in any area of their lives into hope and freedom through this experiential process.

LifeLab One invites students to identify, examine and release unhealthy behavior. We start every class with a teaching, as outlined below, and then move into a pacesetting time where students meet in groups or one on one to unpack the assigned homework.

This is an experiential journey from FROM ASHES TO RUBIES by giving God the space necessary to help us clean up the garbage that has piled up in our lives. It is always true that chores are made easier when we have a helper, so we provide a pacesetter, someone to journey along with us. This pacesetter is someone who has been on this journey him/herself.

LifeLab is a daily commitment; a commitment to wholeness and freedom by introducing daily practices into one’s life.

LifeLab is designed for people from all walks of life: couples, singles, beginners, as well as those that have already started a healing journey.

Teaching modules include:

  • Brokenness vs. Wholeness
  • How we are made
  • Our Basic Instincts
  • Belief Systems
  • What is Denial
  • Spirit, Soul, and Body
  • Emotions (keying on dealing with anger and fear)
  • Surrender
  • Power and Authority
  • Sexuality
  • Resentments
  • Confession: Personal Inventory
  • Repentance: Defects of the Soul
  • Forgiveness and Amends
  • Community Living
  • The Great Commission

Investment: $200 (installment plan available) or $300/ couple for a lifetime membership

  • Finances will never keep a person from our LifeLab. Please ask for assistance if needed.

Commitment: 1 class per week, plus homework.

Fall LifeLab: September to January

or spring LifeLab: February – June

Contact: info@UnionCityChurch.com

Location: 160 Fifth Ave, Ottawa

Taught By Rev. Jon Ruby

“Life Lab helped me to recognize and work through my brokenness.”

“Life Lab gave me practical steps to walk into freedom and wholeness from fear, control, and a pornography addiction.”

“I began sifting through so much of the garbage that had piled up in my life”

Bible Lab

This is a popular text-based series used all over the world. It covers the main story of the Bible from “Creation to Christ”. It’s perfect study for any mix of groups from those who are very new to the Bible, to those who are avid readers of scripture. With the use of 4 simple repeated questions, each group is helped to navigate and apply important truths to our lives
The goal of this lab is to understand and apply the Bible to one’s life.

This is a weekly commitment of 3 to 5 people of men or of women. Read the text and then each answer the questions together.
There are 25 texts and will take 25 weeks. Upon starting a bible lab please inform pastoral staff.

A study that helps us get to know and apply the whole story of the Bible to our lives.

Tell us if you are gathering to start this bible lab. We would like to know and help out where we can.

Questions to ask as a group to help study each text:

In our own words what’s happening or being said?
What does it say about God, us, and/or me?
What’s it asking me to believe and then do differently in my life?
Who could I share this with?

Genesis 1:1-25 The Creation Story: God Created the World
Genesis 2:4-24 The Creation Story: The Creation of Man
Genesis 3:1-13 The Fall: The First Sin and Judgment
Genesis 3:14-24 The Fall: Judgment of a Sinful World
Genesis 6:1-9:17 The Fall: The Flood
Genesis 12:1-8, 15:1-6 Redemption: God’s Promise to Abram
Genesis 22:1-19 Redemption: Abraham offers Isaac as a Sacrifice
Exodus 12:1-28 Redemption: The Promise of Passover
Exodus 20:1-21 Redemption: The Ten Commandments
Leviticus 4:1-35 Redemption: The Sacrificial System
Isaiah 53 Redemption: Isaiah Foreshadows the Coming Promise
Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-20 Redemption: The Birth of Jesus
Matthew 3; John 1:29-34 Redemption: Jesus is Baptized
Matthew 4:1-11 Redemption: The Temptation of Christ
John 3:1-21 Redemption: Jesus and Nicodemus
John 4:1-26, 39-42 Redemption: Jesus and the Woman at the Well
Luke 5:17-26 Redemption: Jesus Forgives and Heals
Mark 4:35-41 Redemption: Jesus Calms the Storm
Mark 5:1-20 Redemption: Jesus Casts Out Evil Spirits
John 11:1-44 Redemption: Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
Matthew 26:26-30 Redemption: The First Lord’s Supper
John 18:1-19:16 Redemption: Jesus is Betrayed and Condemned
Luke 23:32-56 Redemption: Jesus is Crucified
Luke 24:1-35 Redemption: Jesus Conquers Death
Luke 24:36-53 Redemption: Jesus Appears and Ascends
John 3:1-21 Redemption: We Have a Choice